Why Solar?

It provides significant savings on electricity costs
Solar power can be used for powering portable devices such as calculators and torches
Very minimal maintenance needed
Easy to install
Solar power lowers your carbon footprint
Musa Juma

Thousands of homeowners are already enjoying the benefits of clean, affordable energy from Chloride Solar. We continuously monitor each solar power system to ensure everything's running smoothly, and cover maintenance, repairs and insurance at no... read more



Solar power is a 100% renewable source of energy

It should be tailor-made to meet the need and not ascertained by the budget

It offers a long lasting and viable solution

Although solar solutions may have a high initial capital cost, one enjoys the services for over 10 years with minimal operational costs

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The Solar Scoop

  • Mr Kenyatta outlined plans for a "Clean Energy Corridor" stretching from Egypt to South Africa."

    President Uhuru Kenyatta told a United Nations meeting Wednesday that Kenya and the rest of Africa could fight climate change and energy poverty simultaneously by developing renewable sources of... read more

  • Renewable Energy and Adaptation to Climate Technologies (REACT) window

    The AECF is now accepting applications in the third round of the renewable energy and adaptation to climate technologies (REACT R3) window. The round will remain open for a two month period ending... read more

  • Chloride gets nod to install solar panels

    Energy firm Chloride Exide has received a licence for installation of solar water heating systems as per new regulatory requirementsFirms seeking to install the solar water heating systems must... read more

Solar Savings Calculator


Solar power is one the easiest ways for homeowners and businesses to dramatically reduce their electric bill. And it's not just for environmentalists. In fact, a system from CHLORIDE SOLAR can provide up to a 15-17 percent internal rate of return. That's better performance than you'd get from the stock market.